White AFTER Labor Day!

September 07, 2015 Dana Calhoun

"I've learned that fashion rules are meant to be broken." - Rachel Zoe

Fashion has evolved immensely in the past ten years. "Not wearing white after labor day" is a rule that is begging to be broken. When it comes to wearing white, we say wear it all year round! 

Just because you've had your last summer barbecue doesn't mean you have to shove all of your white into the back of your closet. When transitioning from summer to fall, pair a white cardigan or sweater with a patterned top and boots. Just don't forget an accessory or two! 

When wearing white in the winter, you must keep it clean and simple. Strive to wear it as heavier clothing; sweaters, peacoats, leather, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment and figure out what works best for you. Personal style isn't about following rules, it's about expressing yourself through pieces that you love. If you love wearing white during all seasons, rock it out! 


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