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Stacy London is so important. 

Yes, she is a genius. Yes, she is a fashion icon. Yes, she has had multiple hit TV shows. But my favorite thing about Stacy London is her ability to empower women and young girls through style.

The title of her show "Love, Lust or Run" refers to the first thing someone would think about you if they saw you on the street. While public opinion is not what should affect your personal style, London conveys the idea that the message you're trying to hide, may just be message you're sending to the world.

"What you think you're doing by wearing a long sweater because you hate your ass, actually makes people think wow she hates her ass because she's wearing that long sweater and she's trying to hide it." - Stacy London on The Chatroom with Leandra Medine

London takes women who are dressing in a very extreme way and teaches them how dress in a way that sends a positive message while still allowing them to remain a free spirit. London has a magical way of taking someone on a style evolution as well as a personal one. 

"Fashion is an industry but style is for everybody." Stacy London on SHOPTALK radio

Stacy has taught me to not feel guilty about the style decisions I make. Something that drove me crazy throughout high school was that girls tend to tear each other down rather than build each other up. If a girl wore sweatpants and no makeup, people would ask if she's sick or tired. If a girl wore a dress and did her hair, suddenly she was trying too hard or "dressing up" for someone. Guess what? We should wear what we want in order to make OURSELVES happy. That's what Stacy teaches and is some of the greatest advice one could ever receive. If girls would celebrate each other's differences rather than tear each other down, our lives would be much happier. 

"Stacy's shown me that it's more about just looking good. It's about feeling good and wearing things to feel empowered and beautiful in your own skin. There's not a single person who has inspired me more, or helped me become the woman I am today. I have the confidence to express myself through fashion and am able to express myself in a new way, and that wouldn't have been possible without Stacy London." - Ashley Broder

Stacy is a wonderful role model to woman of all ages because she knows from experience what it feels like to have insecurities. While it is important to celebrate other people's differences, it is extremely important to celebrate your own as well. Everyone is special and beautiful in their own way and style is the perfect way to express that. Stacy London teaches that if you want people to love and accept you, you must first love and accept yourself. Stacy London is a bad ass and is one of my personal heroes, and she should be your's too. As we go into new school year or work season, I challenge you to celebrate everything that makes you unique and fantastic. Express what makes you feel beautiful and unique through your style.


 by: Julia Rhea, 09/14/2015


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