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PSA: Sappy Post❤️
Thanks To ALL of You, Your Family, Friends, Colleges and more...
We have had the Best January in 12 Years❤️🎊❤️🎊❤️
The Website has had the most growth since we launched last March, and the Store has had a 25 % Increase as well!
IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!! We Appreciate Each and Every one of You more than You know! We have an Amazing Staff..(and one in the oven) that truly cares about each of You! I tell you all of this because as You know,
Owning your own business is Hard! It's not as much "Fun" as everyone thinks it is. You truly have to have a passion for what you do because when you own your own business, the hours are long, there are no "days off" your family suffers at times and your health sometimes suffers. I've been told that Retail is not for the Faint Hearted, and I know no other statement to be so true. This week alone, I've cried everyday, worn little to no makeup, and not washed my hair (I know, kinda gross) But I Showed up 😉
To say We are Completely Humbled is a Understatement and We want to Share Our ❤️ For You as You have Shown for Us!
-----> Stay Tuned!! Tomorrow We are Starting Our 1st Huge Giveaway in Our VIP Insiders Group this Year! We Promise...you won't be disappointed! Add Your Family and Friends that you ❤️

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----> Comment With "done" when You've Added people or Joined the VIP Insiders Group 😍
~xoxo Gigi

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 We carry an extensive line of denim for all shapes and sizes and at all price points. 

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When we think of style, Carolynn's look comes to mind.  At 66, She's got a classic look that is timeless.  She Has two big motto's!  One is Always Overdress!  If you’re ever on the fence about what to wear, consider where you’re going and who you’ll see. When in doubt, always err on the side of being too dressy—it’s a big no-no to be the only person in jeans. The second is selecting the right undergarments!  Get a Bra that fits, not everything looks good in a Sports bra!  We sat down with her and got to know her a little bit better with our Five Fashion Questions!  
Gigi: 1) What are Your Three Favorite Pieces in Your Closet at the moment? 
Carolynn: White Distressed jeggings for sure!  I also love the leopard mesh cardigan because it goes with everything and is actually now considered a neutral like black and white. My third fave would be my Madison modal tee!  I am pretty classic when it comes to dressing and usually use lots of accessories to change up my look.  
See some of Her favorite pieces here! 
Gigi: 2) What quirky habit do you have?
Carolynn: While it may not be "quirky" everyone says I stay on my Ipad ALL the time so I guess to some that may be a little weird ;) 
Gigi: 3) Where in the World would you like to live if you could?
Carolynn: Manhattan Beach,California. I really love the weather and ocean breeze.  
Gigi: 4) Shoes Or Chocolate?
Carolynn: Why do I have to choose?  Love them both equally! 
Gigi: 5) What is Your Favorite Fashion Trend at the moment?  
Carolynn: It would have to be distressed jeans and a great graphic tee.  I also love the vintage style jewelry that is out making any outfit sparkle.  Although it may not seem like a trend I also love a great denim blouse.  A Must for everyone's closet! 
Carolynn has worked at Grigsby's for 11 years Styling women of all ages and sizes. She is Married to Don and has 5 grandchildren. Shop Her Favorite Looks and Save
20% Off when you spend $50 or More with the CODE:CAROL20 thru Mother's Day! 
 Let her help Style you for your next event or simply to help you find your personal style.  

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So many of you have asked who picks our music we play in the store and some have even asked to get a copy of what's been playing.  We love the fact that you love our musical selections from pop to rock and even a bit of country and folk too.  Here is our top 10 favorites for Spring 2017.  We're sure you've heard of most of them by now, but feel free to check them out on you tube and even add them to your own mix.~xoxo gigi

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Less is definitely more these days. A mini wardrobe made up of seven must have pieces. The items I picked are versatile that can be worn in every season and can be worn with multiple trends. Pieces I believe every woman needs in her closet. A sort of ‘capsule wardrobe’ made of classic, always stylish pieces.

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Boyfriend jeans are definitely a must have piece for every girl’s closet. They’re light, cool and comfy; and fit into anyone’s style.

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As the holiday's approach, we cannot help but think about all of the things we are thankful for! With so much tragedy having happened in the world, we must remember what is most important.

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Hooray! The weather is finally cool!! Let's hope stays that way. Some of you might be saying "That's insane, we miss summer!" But we love the fall/winter seasons because LAYERS!

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This blog is about some of our fall favorites!! Many of our employees give us the scoop on their favorite fall pieces/trends!