Keeping Warm!

Hooray! The weather is finally cool!! Let's hope stays that way. Some of you might be saying "That's insane, we miss summer!" But we love the fall/winter seasons because LAYERS! This weather is perfect for layering and accessorizing. We share some of our favorite pieces with you! 

Faux fur is always a great addition to any wardrobe for the fall/winter! This jacket with 3/4 sleeves will go great with long sleeve tops or sweaters!

Ponchos are perfect for this chilly weather because you can layer them on other tops! Carry it in your bag while it's still warm in the afternoon then put it on when it gets chilly in the evening!

This red coat will be perfect as we enter the Holiday season! You will remain warm and in the holiday spirit! 

This jacket can go with many different outfits! It is a neutral color and a great length so you can match it with dresses or pants! 

Come in to Grigsbys this weekend and stock up on layers for the winter!! 

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