Kendra Scott

“We make a choice to see the good in every day – in the

mirror, in each other, and in our communities. When we

see the good that’s possible, together, we can create it.”

“I am a mom to three boys, and started this company

when my first son was just three months old. Family has
always come first here, and it always will.”
“I’ve always had a love of natural gemstones, and

noticed a white space in the jewelry market for quality

styles and stones at an affordable price. So, I decided
to create them myself.”

“My stepfather once told me the greatest thing I could

do with my life was to use my talents to improve the lives of
others around me. I carry those words with me every day.”

‌   2002


Designed in Our Austin Studio

Our products are thoughtfully crafted in our Austin, Texas studio, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation while staying true to our principles: color, shape, material, and value.