Playing with Prints

March 05, 2016 Dana Calhoun

One of the biggest trends this spring aside from the actual cuts and colors, is the existence of prints. We see all types of prints daily at the mart, all with different ideals by each artist as to how best one captures the imagination on fabrics of all types. We’ve seen everything from tie-dye to animal prints, pretty florals and everything in between this season. Here are a few print trends that have gotten our attention.


Stripes are not just for the boardroom but for everyday wear.  Stripes are to summer what fur is to winter when it comes to fashion. From bright and bold stripes to thin and pastel we've  got your stripe style covered.  



Floral prints have grown even bigger over the past few years and this year is no exception.  A playful attitude emerges for spring, as florals are amplified with a big, bold intensity to catch the eye with vibrant colors and oversized proportions. This trend adds a striking statement to any style group such as dresses, sneakers, or pants.  Check out how Our stylists paired this black floral dress. 



Abstract isn't just for art anymore.  We see it in everything from styling Our homes to kitchen utensils.  There are a few clothing styles where the prints take on a whole new dimension which helps Us step out of the box this spring. We love pairing abstract prints with a solid to make it pop.  


When it comes to the spring/ summer 2016 prints, not all of them need be geometric or floral accented. Sometimes they include plaids, or animal prints. Find your print style with Us!  Our stylists love helping You find what works for You to create Your own style story.  




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